Costs & Insurances

How Much?

A Gastric Sleeve Package starts from $13,500* NZD

A Gastric Bypass Package starts from $14,500* NZD

A Duodenal Switch Package starts from $19,000* NZD

That’s roughly half the price of the same operation here in New Zealand and you get a short holiday at the same time!

*The quoted price are based on a BMI of less than 49.


Like many of you I’d struggled with my weight my entire life. I had been able to lose weight over the years, but bad habits and a lack of self-belief and confidence always meant I would gain it again and usually add on a few more kilos. I first started thinking about Bariatric Surgery in 2016 but decided to try to lose the weight again myself… letting my ego get in the way. Of course, like all the other times I wasn’t successful and decided to make the decision and to have a Gastric Sleeve in May 2018. At my heaviest I was more than 170kg and at the time of surgery I was approx. 155kg. My surgery went well and over the course of 12 months I put in the hard work, and that combined with the wonderful tool of Bariatric Surgery I lost 75kg and got down to under 80kg. In the past few years, I’ve bounced back a little bit with my weight, but have been able to successfully maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. 
I started in the Insurance industry in 2004 and after my Bariatric Surgery I realised that there was a lack of quality advice when it comes to insurance for pre-op and post-op Bariatric patients. Most Insurance Brokers had no idea about Bariatric Surgery and Insurance companies weren’t much better. I found that I was in a unique position with my insurance expertise and weight loss experience to be able to help our Bariatric Community with advice on their Medical, Life, Trauma and Income Protection insurance needs. In the past 3-4 years I have been able to help dozens of people in our community and I look forward to being healthy, happy and able to help for many more years to come.